Chateau La Fleur de Gay '06

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Expert Review

Chateau La Fleur de Gay '06 is an incredible Merlot made in Bordeaux, France, the region that first introduced the world to this incredible grape. There's no Cabernet Sauvignon or Petit Verdot blended into this wine to take away from the fresh, soft flavor of the Merlot, allowing this grape to truly shine. Characteristic of Old World Merlot, this wine has aromas of raspberry and blueberry, with just of hint of smokey truffle. Softer and lower in alcohol than New World Merlot, this wine pairs well with white meat that can be easily overwhelmed by bigger wines. Since it's 8 years old, it's had plenty of time to mature, though an extra 10 years in the bottle certainly won't hurt it.Rating: 4/5

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