Dios Baco Amontillado

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Expert Review

With critical scores in the 90's, Dios Baco Amontillado is one of the best Dry Sherries around. At first sniff, sweet aromas of toffee, dried fruit, and caramel dominate, though upon closer examination, the discerning nose will also pick up hazelnut, cocoa, and spice. The flavor echoes these aromas with notes of toffee that are joined by coffee and almond, as well as fruity flavors of orange and banana. Though it's a bit sweeter on the front end than many Dry Sherries, the finish is crisp, clean and perfectly dry, making a this a perfectly well-rounded Amontillado Dry Sherry that pairs well with glazed meat or grilled mushrooms.Rating: 4.5/5

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