Liberty School Merlot '11

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Expert Review

An award winning wine from the Central Coast of California, Liberty School Merlot '11 is one of the best Merlots around, and at under $20, it's also one of the best buys. This wine is softer than many California Merlots, with aromas of strawberry, cherry, and violet, and flavors of plum, and raspberry. This wine doesn't change much in character from first sip to the end of the long finish, giving it a great consistency that makes it incredibly drinkable. The tannins are also smooth and soft enough that they don't overpower the wine. Though 2011 was a tough year for vineyards in California, the decreased yields didn't lead to an inferior quality of wine, just a smaller amount of it, so this wine may be in short supply before long.Rating: 5/5

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